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Tema: a very special Seiko : 7549-7009

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    a very special Seiko : 7549-7009

    I would like to present you today a Seiko Tuna can reference 7549-7009

    In the familly of the professional dive watches at Seiko, the 7549-7009 is not the first tuna can : indeed in 1975 seiko introduce with the ref 6159 this very particular design : this first model was a mechanical watch with a high beat movement

    but in 1978 Seiko makes a real breakthrough in the dive watch industry introducting a quartz model (21 patents where issued during the developpement of the watch)
    this watch makes numerous "fisrts" including

    - first titanium dive watch
    - first quartz dive watch
    - first watch coated with a PVD deposition to harden the surface (Titanium Nitride)

    a specially designed quartz movement was made for this watch with high torque motors to move the large hands

    The watch was replaced in 1986 by another quartz model the ssbs018 with ceramic shroud and 1000 m tested

    the watch is large 48 mm and thick 15,3 mm it is a monobloc design and do not need helium escape valve due to specially designed o-rings

    but what makes this particular watch unique is ... the previous owner : this watch was the personnal watch of Mr ClaudeWessely : a member of the Cousteau team and the very fisrt "Aquanaut" : he spend 1 full week underwater with Albert Falco during the "precontinent" experiment

    This watch was belonging to Mr Wesly since 1978 and he made a very large number of dives with it including saturation dives (-120m)

    Mr Claude Wessely during Precontinent II

    notez l'absence de traitement nitrure de titane sous la carrure de protection

    the watch is given 600 meters by seiko but was tested over 1000 m

    I hope you like this review of an uncommon watch with a great history : I had the chance to buy the watch directly to Mr Wesly

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    the watch is impressive, for a while try to buy a similar watch but the price as there was no way to adjust

    but the previous owner is fantastic, the watch makes a unique piece

    awesome !!!!!! pics, watch, owner

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    You´ve got a piece of the diving history, wearing this watch have to be like traveling back on time
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    donde da la vuelta el viento
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    menudo reloj y vaya historia

    thanks JMichel
    Duffman dice.... si te gustan lo relojes, no lo dudes, disfruta de ellos ....... ooooh yeaaaa !!!!

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