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Lloyd's The Digital Watch

Here's a fresh look at a watch website, looking great, loads to keep you occupied, Have a go at chasing the bubbles around the screen, but don't forget to look at the watches
Crazy Watches

Online magazine devoted to the digital timepiece, one of the most comprehensive LCD watch site i've seen to date, masses of information to be found here.
Digital Watch Library (DWL)

Great overview of Sir Clive and his products.
Planet Sinclair

Excellent site, fantastic resource with great pics.
Peter Wenzig's Digital Watches

"Generation of electronics with a soul"
Pocket Calulator Show

Vintage & Modern, it's....

Here's the Watchismo Blog
the Watchismo times

Interesting time line showing the history of the solar wristwatch

All types of retro watches for sale here. Interesting to see how the Pulsar publicity movie has been incorporated into the site, nice.
Rare Watches

Rare retro watches from the 70's/80's
Retro Watches

Home of the Majestyk M1, plus lots more..

Web version of the well established "coffee table" book by Pieter. I Prefer to flick through the pages, but great to have an online reference.
Pieter Doensen - Watch. History of the modern wrist watch

Many watches of all types found here for sale.
70's watches

Need a replacement module for your Pulsar? A nice replacement if you don't require an original module, check out the SAM range.
Strikes and Spares

Jump hours, digital, classic, and retro watches in general :-
The Retro World

Comprehensive site on all that IS Pulsar. Says its doing well, it is a veritable mine of Pulsar LED information.
Old Pulsars

Excellent Heuer analogue site, with some material on the Chronosplit LED / LCD watches, and a wide range of classic watch and car interests :-
Heure Boy

Seiko Museum, Tokyo, in japanese unless you translate with bablefish or similar :-
Seiko Museum

Interesting restoration of a 1977 LCD Quartz Speedmaster

Another interesting article on the late 60's F300Hz humming Accutrons - pre-digital, but many digital collectors have accutrons and jump hours

Exquisitely made "fine gentleman's watch boxes"', but at a price. These may seem high priced but are 10 times better than some of the cheap toot on ebay. Bit like comparing Rolls Royce's to a Vauxhall Corsa - they might both have 4 wheels and an engine, but one does it in a bit more style than the other…
Hill Wood Watch Boxes